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A chronic pain condition can cause stress and anxiety, which can be physically exhausting. Remedial massage, through targeted techniques, reduces muscle tension, improves blood circulation, and mobilises soft tissues, providing comprehensive pain relief. This special therapy is used to decrease muscular tension, reduce pain and mentally relax the body. There are numerous advantages to obtaining our remedial massage therapy, including relaxation, less tension, and enhanced tissue flexibility. Athletes in need of specialised care or individuals looking to ease persistent aches can benefit from our personalised approach.

If you’re looking for the most relaxing remedial massage in Templestowe, look no further than Diamond Valley Physiotherapy. Whether you’re dealing with muscle tension or spasms, or seeking recovery from injuries, our skilled remedial massage therapists are skilled enough to help you. They use techniques to manipulate and treat soft tissues alongside providing a therapeutic effect. Throughout the session, a wide range of massage techniques are used to treat muscular problems.

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What Type of Sports Injuries Our Physiotherapists Treat?

When it comes to overcoming sports-related challenges, our therapists for sports physio are here to guide you through a tailored recovery journey. Specialising in a diverse range of issues, our approach ensures personalised care. We prioritise what you need for a swift and effective recovery.

  • Knee Pain: If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a sports strain or persistent knee discomfort, our skilled sports physiotherapists use targeted techniques to enhance overall knee mobility. Our focus is on not only facilitating your return to the game but ensuring peak performance.

  • Shoulder and Elbow Pain: From bothersome rotator cuff strains to the notorious tennis elbow, our specialised interventions aim to alleviate discomfort and enhance functionality. We work diligently to restore optimal function of your shoulder and elbow.

  • Back and Neck Pain: Armed with specialised knowledge in sports physio, we address issues like sciatica and nerve pain. Whether your discomfort arises from sports-related activities or general wear and tear, our therapists can offer help in providing effective relief.

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  • Arthritis of Joints: Our therapists tailor their interventions to address joint discomfort. The goal is to improve joint function, ensuring you move with greater ease and efficiency.

  • Ankle Sprain: Our approach provides athletes with complete rehabilitation for sprains. We make sure your ankle is healed and strengthened to withstand the extreme demands of your sports activities.

  • Sports Rehabilitation: Our expertise in sports physio goes beyond conventional recovery methods. We guide individuals through a structured process that facilitates a quick return to their desired level of sports activity. Our approach also focuses on enhancing resilience to reduce the chance of re-injury.

If you’re facing these sports injuries, our sports physiotherapists provide personalised and comprehensive care. We aim to get you back on your feet in no time using sports remedial massage along with other techniques.

What to Expect During an Acupuncture Treatment?

If you’re considering acupuncture, understanding what happens during a session can ease any uncertainties. It is a traditional Chinese medicine practice that aims to promote wellness and balance within the body. During an acupuncture treatment, you can expect to receive a personalised approach. Here’s what typically occurs:

  • Consultation: Your acupuncturist will begin with a thorough consultation, discussing your health history, concerns, and goals. This helps tailor the treatment to your unique needs.

  • Setting the Scene: Treatment rooms are thoughtfully designed to foster a calm and soothing environment. This intentional setting enhances the overall experience and contributes to the effectiveness of the treatment.

  • Needle Placement: The acupuncturist will gently insert thin needles into specific points on your body. This process is generally painless and can lead to sensations of tingling or warmth. For those considering facial acupuncture, the needles may be strategically placed on the face to promote skin health and rejuvenation.

  • Duration: The needles are left in place for about 15-30 minutes. During this time, you may choose to rest, meditate, or simply enjoy the tranquillity of the session.

  • Post-Treatment Discussion: After removing the needles, your acupuncturist will discuss the session with you. This may include recommendations for follow-up care, lifestyle adjustments, or additional treatments.

It’s important to note that everyone’s experience with acupuncture is unique, and the effects may vary. Many people find the process not only beneficial for addressing specific health concerns but also a relaxing and freeing experience.

What Can Dry Needling Treat?

To help patients experiencing pain and mobility problems, we offer dry-needling physiotherapy. We usually combine it with a hands-on remedial massage or sports physio treatment. This method instantly reduces muscle tension by initiating a series of neurological mechanisms. Here are some conditions dry needling massage can treat:

  • Acute and Chronic Back Pain

  • Headaches

  • Jaw pain

  • Muscle strains and sprains

  • Acute and Chronic Neck Pain

  • Sciatic pain

  • Pelvic pain

  • Shoulder pain – Rotator cuff injury, Impingement syndromes

  • Knee pain – Patellofemoral, meniscal/ligament tears

  • Tendinopathy/RSI

  • General muscular tightness and cramps

  • Sports injuries

If you’re wondering if it’s painful, here is your answer.  Instead of pain, you may experience an immediate ‘twitch’ response. This is often followed by a dull ache or heaviness that eases in a few minutes. As the stubborn knots are released, pain is reduced and your mobility improves.

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Experience the healing benefits of cupping therapy at Diamond Valley Physiotherapy. This technique promotes blood flow, induces relaxation, improves joint mobility, and aids in detoxification. We take this traditional method to the next level by combining cupping with massage sessions.

Rejuvenate your body and ease your mind with our cupping therapy. Explore our selection of therapeutic massages and book your appointment with us. Feel free to call us on 03 9439 7671 for a free injury consultation. You can also send us an email at for more details.

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