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Have you ever felt that regular massages are not good enough to offer you the ultimate relief you want? It is likely your body is harbouring a lot of tension and full-body massage may not release the stress on a deeper level. Hence, if you want to reap greater benefits and enjoy deep tissue massage, then try cupping therapy.

If you want to get faster muscle relaxation with an effective cupping massage, Diamond Valley Physiotherapy located at Lower Plenty, Melbourne is your perfect choice. Our qualified therapist possesses knowledge of various cupping methods. We use this knowledge to offer clients a tailored solution depending on their health conditions. Prioritising customer satisfaction, we aim to make your cupping treatment process a gentle and highly enjoyable experience.

Cupping Service

What is Cupping Therapy?

Based on an ancient Chinese healing technique, cupping is an alternative therapy that helps people ease chronic to severe pain. It involves the use of plastic, glass, or silicone cups on your back, arms, stomach, or other body parts. Through suction and negative pressure, cupping improves blood flow, removes toxins, boosts immunity, and alleviates acute pain.

How Does Cupping Therapy Work?

A therapist places a cup onto your body part that creates a vacuum, which gently pulls your skin upwards. This upward pulling of the skin gives your muscle a stretch which can effectively treat myofascial trigger knots or points. As a result, your muscles restore power by returning to their full length and elasticity.

Apart from this, cupping massage therapy is an amazing way to alleviate muscle pain as it works to:

  • Release rigid soft tissue

  • Break up cross-linkages between the tissue layers

  • Lift connective tissue

  • Loosen adhesions

  • Bring fresh blood to the body part

  • Promote muscular health

The cupping therapist at Diamond Valley Physiotherapy aims to promote healing through non-invasive methods. Our cupping therapy includes the following procedure:

  • Preparing the Cupping Cups: The therapist will heat the insides of the cups. It is a technique based on a traditional fire cupping massage method. This involves setting fire to an alcohol-soaked cotton ball and placing it inside the cup.

  • Placing the Cups on the Skin: Then the heated cups will be put onto your affected body parts. When placed on your skin, the heat sends the oxygen out of the cup to create a vacuum. This vacuum force gently pulls your skin upwards into the cup. Apart from this, we also use a modern approach in which a suction device is used to remove the air inside the cups.

  • Leaving the Cups for a Few Minutes: Depending upon your health concerns, our cupping therapist will leave the cups in place for some time. During that period, suction from cupping draws fluid into the treated area.

  • Healing the Area:  Cupping results in a suction or mild force that breaks open tiny blood vessels under your skin. This procedure helps the cupped body parts replenish with healthier blood flow. Additionally, it also stimulates proper healing at the cellular level.

  • Removing the Cups: The therapist then removes the cups and cleans the surface of your skin.

Key Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Chinese Cupping therapy addresses various health concerns and promotes well-being. The process of gentle application of suction cups on specific body parts has a range of potential benefits to offer:

  • Pain Relief: Cupping is highly popular for providing relief from chronic pain and muscle tension. It is also proven effective for conditions like migraines and back pain.

  • Improved Blood Circulation: Cupping therapy boosts blood flow to targeted cupped areas by creating a vacuum effect. This increased blood circulation aids in better flow of oxygen and vital nutrients to all body parts. This means it can boost the body’s healing and rejuvenation process.
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety: Cupping treatment is so relaxing that it can help reduce the cortisol levels in your body. This leads to reduced stress and anxiety.

  • Muscle Recovery: If you are an athlete or enthusiast, opt for a cupping massage treatment to help you with muscle recovery. This method can alleviate muscle soreness after intense physical activities which can accelerate your healing process.

  • Detoxification: Another benefit that many people feel from cupping is that their body is detoxified with this technique. As the suction can draw out toxins from the tissues, it promotes overall well-being.

Common Conditions We Treated Using Cupping Therapy

Our professional therapists can complement cupping with other treatments as a holistic wellness approach. We aim to give you an exceptional level of treatment and maximise the effectiveness of cupping massage. Some of the common health conditions that we have treated using this technique:

  • Chronic neck or back pain

  • Migraines

  • Lower back pain

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Muscle pain

  • Arthritis

What Should I Expect During a Cupping Treatment?

When you book an appointment for cupping therapy with us, the therapist strictly follows a routine procedure. Here’s what you can expect from our service:

  • Assessment: We will conduct an assessment to evaluate your treatment needs and health status.

  • Cupping Application: Based on the assessment, we will decide on the number of cups to use in the first session. We will either use a suction device or fire cupping massage method based on the assessment. During the process, you may experience some skin tightness

  • After Treatment: After the cups are removed, the therapist may apply an antibiotic treatment to prevent infection. You may feel slightly sore and a little discomfort. Cupping can leave residual marks on your skin, which is similar to bruising. These marks are temporary and painless. Your skin will look normal again within 2 to 7 days

Book Your Cupping Treatment with Us

Are you experiencing extreme discomfort in your daily life and tired of suffering through it? Just remember the right solution is available near you. Call our team at Diamond Valley Physiotherapy on (03) 9439 7671 to book your first cupping therapy in Lower Plenty, Melbourne, VIC. You can also email us at info@dvphysio.com.au.


The duration of the cupping therapy depends upon the severity of your health conditions. It is better to consult our expert therapist to know the in-depth details. Book an appointment by calling us on (03) 9439 7671.

Though cupping therapy looks painful, the process is not. There is a possibility that you may feel a little discomfort during the session. Nonetheless, this technique feels similar to full-body massage according to many people.

Absolutely! You can use lukewarm water to take a shower after the cupping therapy. However, it is advised to wait for a few hours to ease the soreness and allow for any marks to develop. Make sure you clean the cupped areas gently and pat dry them.
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